STURGEON - Nines Optics
STURGEON - Nines Optics
STURGEON - Nines Optics
STURGEON - Nines Optics
STURGEON - Nines Optics
STURGEON - Nines Optics
STURGEON - Nines Optics
STURGEON - Nines Optics
STURGEON - Nines Optics
STURGEON - Nines Optics
STURGEON - Nines Optics
STURGEON - Nines Optics
STURGEON - Nines Optics
STURGEON - Nines Optics
STURGEON - Nines Optics
STURGEON - Nines Optics
STURGEON - Nines Optics
STURGEON - Nines Optics
STURGEON - Nines Optics
STURGEON - Nines Optics


$59.00 $89.00
-NIRTECH® Polarized + NIR Lenses
-Hydrophobic Lens Technology
-Anti-Corrosive Material
-TR-90 Nylon Frame
-Anti-Reflective & Anti-Glare Coating





What's in The Box
-NINES® Polarized + NIR Sunglasses
-Micro-Fiber Sunglasses Pouch (Doubles as Lens Cleaning Cloth)
-Hard Case with NINES® Emblem
-Floating Retainer
Lens Type: Polarized Poly-Carbonate
Polarized Poly-Carbonate
Polarized High Performance Glass
Frame Color: Tortoise
Matte Black
Lens Color: Amber Brown Lens Green Mirror
Amber Brown Lens Green Mirror
Amber Brown Lens Mirror Coating
High Contrast Chartreuse
Gray Lens Deep Blue Mirror


NIRTECH® Lens Guide

NIRTECH® Polarized Gray

The perfect all around polarized lens from the road to water. Direct & Harsh Sunlight.

  • 12% Light Transmission
  • 95% Blocking HEV Radiation
  • 91% Blocking Infrared Radiation
  • Nine layers of performance.

    NIRTECH® polarized lenses control the light spectrum absorbing harmful Near Infrared Radiation from the sun while allowing safe visible light to pass through. NIRTECH® protection leads to less fatigue & strain on your eyes leaving you with cool, relaxed eyes all day.

    Using an internal polarized diffuse reflector that reduces reflections you get very noticeable sharper clarity. NIRTECH® lenses also have both Oleophobic & Anti-Reflective coating on front and back surfaces to resist oil, fingerprints and also help bead water right off the lens. The final result is an extremely durable lens with outstanding high definition optics. 100% UVA+UVB Protection.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Jeff Partridge
    Very Pleased

    I have a been wanting some quality fishing glasses that are prescription for quite some time. I studied all the companies and asked all the questions and read all the reviews. The results were NINES.
    I ordered my glasses with prescription in hand and 14 days later I have my new NINES POLARIZED PERFECTED in my hand and the price was better than my Eye Dr price.
    The quality of these sunglasses are way better than the reviews allow and the lenses are off the chart amazing. They fit My face like a glove.
    Martha spent some time with me on which models fit me the best and was over the top on customer service.
    Thank you Martha and NINES OPTICS for making my glasses just like I wanted them.

    Owned for nearly 2yrs

    I have owned the sturgeon frame NINES with glass lenses and amber green mirror. They are phenomenal. By far the best sunglasses I have not only owned but tried on. When shopping for sunglasses I tried all the big brands in one day side by side. I tried on NINES, Smiths Costa, Maui Jim’s, Wiley X, and Oakelys. I went home with NINES on my head because they produced the most vivid natural colors even when facing the harsh Florida sun. Other brands dulled colors and also lacked clarity when facing the sun. The NINES offer the best clarity and protection. I’m an avid kayak angler who runs a large YouTube channel....and I also work in healthcare. Therefore I’m outdoors a lot and very conscientious of my health. NINES will ensure my eyes stay in optimal health. As we age infrared damage has been linked to cataracts and other eye problems. I have already noticed these glasses reduce my eye fatigue after long days on the water. Great product. I will be a customer for as long as they continue to make them! I have friends who even switched over to NINES after trying mine.

    Kevin Guidry
    Best Bed fishing Spectacles Period!!!!!!

    I am a nines man all the way this is my second year in Nines i used to wear Costas but after discovering Nines at 2017 ICast I tried a pair and that was the last time I wore Costas. Im not knocking Costas they are good glasses they were the best until Nines came out. wear a pair of Nines for one day on the water and they are so much better you wont wear anything else the nine layers of protection is super for your eyes and the polarization is second to none when spoting fish on the beds.
    Thanks Nines for keeping my eyes Safe.
    The sun doesnt cut you a break in South Louisiana in the summer.

    Best glasses I've gotten

    The best glasses I've ever used and they are great for there price keep making suddenly designs

    Best sunglasses I've ever owned.

    These are by far, the best pair of sunglasses I've ever owned. They have it all. Awesome style, Extrmely comfortable, Excellent performance, Lightweight and very durable.
    On and off the water you can really see a difference with these sunglasses. My first trip out on the boat after getting them was an eye opening experience. They weren't just a dark lense to block the sun like my previous pair. This lens was something special. Sight fishing was easier. There was no glare and at the end of the day, no eye fatigue. I can't say enough good things about Nines sunglasses. Hands down simply the best on the market.