SANTEE - Nines Optics
SANTEE - Nines Optics
SANTEE - Nines Optics
SANTEE - Nines Optics
SANTEE - Nines Optics
SANTEE - Nines Optics
SANTEE - Nines Optics
SANTEE - Nines Optics
SANTEE - Nines Optics
SANTEE - Nines Optics
SANTEE - Nines Optics
SANTEE - Nines Optics



Introducing the ultimate slim fishing sunglasses: Santee glasses! With their slim fit design and polarized lenses, you'll be able to spot fish and other objects in the water with unparalleled clarity. The polarized lenses filter out glare, making fishing on bright, sunny days or in shallow water a breeze.

Not only that, but Santee glasses are built with rubber nose pads for maximum comfort and a secure fit that won't slip, even when you're sweating or casting a line. You won't have to worry about your sunglasses slipping or obstructing your peripheral vision with these bad boys.

Don't settle for mediocre fishing sunglasses that leave you squinting and uncomfortable. Upgrade to Santee glasses and experience fishing like never before. 

The new generation of fishing sunglasses features NIRTECH® Lens which absorbs harmful Near-Infrared Radiation and blocks harmful blue light. The Sunglasses also have a hydrophobic coating that repels water and makes it easier to clean. 

-NIRTECH® Polarized + NIR Lenses
-Hydrophobic Lens Technology
-Anti-Corrosive Material
-TR-90 Nylon Frame
-Anti-Reflective & Anti-Glare Coating





What's in The Box
-NINES® Polarized + NIR Sunglasses
-Micro-Fiber Sunglasses Pouch (Doubles as Lens Cleaning Cloth)
-Hard Case with NINES® Emblem
-Floating Retainer
Lens Type: Polarized Poly-Carbonate
Polarized Poly-Carbonate
Polarized High Performance Glass
Lens Color: Copper Lens Light Blue Mirror
Copper Lens Light Blue Mirror
Amber Brown Lens Green Mirror
Smoke Gray

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NIRTECH® Lens Guide

NIRTECH® Polarized Gray

The perfect all around polarized lens from the road to water. Direct & Harsh Sunlight.

  • 12% Light Transmission
  • 95% Blocking HEV Radiation
  • 91% Blocking Infrared Radiation
  • Nine layers of performance.

    NIRTECH® polarized lenses control the light spectrum absorbing harmful Near Infrared Radiation from the sun while allowing safe visible light to pass through. NIRTECH® protection leads to less fatigue & strain on your eyes leaving you with cool, relaxed eyes all day.

    Using an internal polarized diffuse reflector that reduces reflections you get very noticeable sharper clarity. NIRTECH® lenses also have both Oleophobic & Anti-Reflective coating on front and back surfaces to resist oil, fingerprints and also help bead water right off the lens. The final result is an extremely durable lens with outstanding high definition optics. 100% UVA+UVB Protection.