CHEROKEE - Nines Optics
CHEROKEE - Nines Optics



Get ready to turn heads with the sleek and stylish rimless lenses and matte black frame and temples of these cutting-edge sunglasses. The striking design is perfect for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd while still enjoying the highest levels of performance and comfort.

With rubber nose pads, these sunglasses provide exceptional wearability and comfort, so you can wear them all day long without any discomfort. Whether you're running errands or casting a line, these sunglasses will stay in place and provide the ultimate protection for your eyes.

But what really sets these sunglasses apart is the innovative NIRTECH® Lens technology. These lenses are specifically designed to absorb harmful Near-Infrared Radiation and block harmful blue light, providing unparalleled protection for your eyes no matter where your adventures take you.

In addition, these sunglasses feature a hydrophobic coating that repels water, making them incredibly easy to clean and maintain. You can keep your lenses crystal clear and ready for action no matter what conditions you face.

With their perfect combination of style, performance, and comfort, these sunglasses are a must-have for anyone who demands the very best. Don't settle for anything less than the best - choose these sunglasses and take your adventures to the next level.

-NIRTECH® Polarized + NIR Lenses
-Hydrophobic Lens Technology
-Anti-Corrosive Material
-TR-90 Nylon Frame
-Anti-Reflective & Anti-Glare Coating





What's in The Box
-NINES® Polarized + NIR Sunglasses
-Micro-Fiber Sunglasses Pouch (Doubles as Lens Cleaning Cloth)
-Hard Case with NINES® Emblem
-Floating Retainer
Lens Type: Polarized Poly-Carbonate
Polarized Poly-Carbonate
Frame Color: Camouflage
Matte Black
Lens Color: Smoke Gray
Amber Brown Lens Green Mirror
Smoke Gray
Gray Lens Deep Blue Mirror


NIRTECH® Lens Guide

NIRTECH® Polarized Gray

The perfect all around polarized lens from the road to water. Direct & Harsh Sunlight.

  • 12% Light Transmission
  • 95% Blocking HEV Radiation
  • 91% Blocking Infrared Radiation
  • Nine layers of performance.

    NIRTECH® polarized lenses control the light spectrum absorbing harmful Near Infrared Radiation from the sun while allowing safe visible light to pass through. NIRTECH® protection leads to less fatigue & strain on your eyes leaving you with cool, relaxed eyes all day.

    Using an internal polarized diffuse reflector that reduces reflections you get very noticeable sharper clarity. NIRTECH® lenses also have both Oleophobic & Anti-Reflective coating on front and back surfaces to resist oil, fingerprints and also help bead water right off the lens. The final result is an extremely durable lens with outstanding high definition optics. 100% UVA+UVB Protection.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Great glasses

    Love these glasses. They make everything bright while blocking harsh sun light. Great for fishing and driving.


    The glasses fit very nicely. And are great for fishing when viewing the fish on their beds.

    Jaw Dropping / Breath-Taking

    I'm definitely speaking about all these different types of Nines, however I did purchase the Cherokee and right out of the box, I was completely blown away. I had always worshiped Revo sunglasses, but after 4 pairs and a waste of money, the lens coating flaked and peeled for some unknown reason on all 4 pairs, and the coating on 2 pairs started flaking only after 2 months right out of the box., Disgusted and frustrated, I was about to get a pair of Maui Jims "these are supposed to be the best of the best" YEAH right.... read those comments. Somehow, I googled sunglasses and found a video review on Nines, and did some research. Being skeptical, I figured I am going to try a pair of Nines. I got the Cherokee and I also got the ST. Johns because I wanted glass. The Cherokee looks cool to me and the lenses are huge, however for the most part, putting these sunglasses on, immediately was an eye opener and game changer. The clarity is unbelievable and can't even put into words. I don't fish, but I do truck drive, so I am always in need of eyewear... These Nines eyewear are the gateway to Heaven and definitely recommend any pair, whatever your style is, these sunglasses are no joke, professional and serious eyewear, do what these videos say they do, and by far the best of the best. Don't waste your time or money on anything else when it comes to eyewear. if your serious about your optics as I am, this is your last pair you'll be searching for....just sucks I can't buy all of them.!!