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Offers extreme comfort and flexibility



Block harmful Near Infrared light (NIR)



The Many Layers Of Protection

Most tinted lenses will provide some absorption to dampen brightness, but only a polarized lens can effectively eliminate blinding glare. Glare is concentrated light reflecting off a horizontal shiny surface, such as sand, water, snow or asphalt roads. It reduces visibility and can make it uncomfortable, painful and even dangerous to carry on driving, cycling, skiing or fishing. With polarized sunglasses they will stop the glare and make the water appear more transparent enabling you to see fish and rocks below the surface and giving you more depth and color contrast to your surrounding.

See Like The Pros

Bassmaster Mike "IKE" Iaconelli


Customer Reviews

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These glasses rock!

I bought (2) pairs, Apache and Havasu...I have a pretty fat head and these things fit awesome...The quality is top notch...I’ve worn pretty much every brand of fishing glasses and these by far my favorite 👍

Nines won me over

I love my Nines I have a set of the Apache with Blue lenses. I am a loyal customer and after using nines for over 5 months I will never go back to Costas there not as clear and don't keep your eyes from stressing Nines just make fishing more fun you don't worry about your glasses fogging when you wear a buff and sweat does't smear the lenses,
Thanks for a great product Nines
Kevin Guidry
South Louisiana


I was told by a good friend Bobby Carrol to check these out and I am glad I did. He was going on and on about how they sponsored him and his buddies fishing team and I should try these glasses out. I was just standing outside in the Florida sunshine and my face and head were so hot but I could actually feel that my eyes felt cool. Very strange feeling but nice. I can see clear and they are such a comfortable pair of glasses ill never go back to my Costa's. Thanks again, they really are excellent!!!!


I'd been searching for a great, quality pair of polarized sunglasses for a while and I now have them with the Apache's. I've been impressed with them from day 1. They're well made, light and super comfortable. Being on the water all day, the last thing you want is a pair of sunglasses that don't fit well. They should be an integral part of your gear, but not a distraction. Frame styles are simple and practical. Sometimes you might feel like you have to trade off looks and lens quality with price, but not with these. Hands down, I'd definitely recommend these and any of the other styles to anyone in the market for sunglasses.

Total package

Sometimes difficult to find a conservative design that is paired with a good lense. FINALLY found it with the Apaches. I was either getting conservative design with crappy lense quality or having to pay a crazy amount for designer type frames to get a solid match... complete package here, definitely recommend if you're needing (or wanting) a quiet design and sharp lense